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I was made in Chicago and born in Norway, so I was in America before I was borne. One of my brothers was also borne in Chicago and here is a picture of us on a visit to our mother’s mother, I am laying on the ground.
I grew up on a small form with view over the fjord, out on the ocean and to some islands and steep mountains behind. It was a big playground but with plenty of work. My father was a sailor and I became a fisherman, working on trawlers.
We were in the Lutheran Church and went also to smaller Christian congregations. I was thought to believe in Jesus and to call upon him as my savior and Lord and in this way may faith in him became personal. When I went to high-school, I came into free churches where there came messages in translation of “speaks in tongues” and I realized that Jesus answered my praying in this way. That he has continued to do later also, so I continue to pray to him, actually I talk with him.
I was also interested in mathematics and natural sciences, so I have studied mathematics, programming, physics, chemistry, biology, basic courses in geology and astronomy. Not very advanced, but I have a wide basement.
So there is something special with me, at the same time as I have been working as a fisherman and studied mathematics, programming and natural sciences, I have been talking with him who created it all.

Realistens nye sinn.

Innleiing. Roger Penrose skreiv ei populærvitskapleg bok som han kalla «Keisarens nye sinn». Eg kallar dette dokumentet oppatt etter den boka. I ein video på youtube intervjua Lex Fridman han om medvit, kvantefysikk og det uendelege universet, det handla tydelegvis om noko som var skrive i den boka. […]